Maryland Saddlery Overstock Division for
Retail Stores and Manufacturers


Welcome to the Maryland Saddlery's

Overstock Division

Retail Store Owners and Manufacturers, are you drowning in overstock and sale inventory?

We can help you move that inventory!

We have sent retailers over $600,000 for inventory they couldn't sell

                         We don't want you suffering anxiety over......

                    • Broken size runs and shop worn boxes?
                    • Too many bits, bridles and saddles?
                    • Excess inventory of gifts, toys and sportswear?

I want to help you get out of under all of your excess inventory sitting in your sale rooms and sale corners and even your basements and garages. Let's set up a time to call and talk about it. I am happy to coach you through this process.

As a bonus I am available for free as a Certified Whizbang Coach to all of my Overstock Partners for marketing, sales training and business.


Contact us and we will get the process rolling today!


Intro to Overstock

Broken Runs & Profit

Churning & Turning

Carrying Cost

Let's get started!

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