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    If you are looking for a new or used bit for your horse, you have come to the right place. Maryland Saddlery offers a wide range of horse bits for all disciplines and levels of riding. Whether you need a snaffle, hackamore, gag, pelham, or weymouth, we have it all. You can find bits made of different materials, such as stainless steel, copper, rubber, or leather, and with different mouthpieces, such as single-jointed, double-jointed, mullen, ported, or twisted. You can also choose from different cheekpieces, such as loose ring, eggbutt, d-ring, or full cheek. No matter what your preference or your horse's needs are, we have the perfect bit for you.

    At Maryland Saddlery, we understand that buying a new bit can be expensive and sometimes risky. That's why we also offer a large selection of used bits that are in good condition and at affordable prices. You can browse our online catalog of used bits and find the one that suits your budget and your horse's mouth. You can also trade in your old bits for store credit or cash. Don't see what you're looking for online? We may have what you need in stock in one of our three store fronts. Not sure what bit you need or where to start? We get it! Chat with us or give us a call and we'd be happy to help.
    21 products
    5" Myler Full Cheek MB 04 Snaffle with Hooks New -H
    5" Myler Loose Ring Comfort Snaffle MB 02 Used - H
    5.75" Myler Wide Low Port Hinged Snaffle Used - H
    6" Baucher French Link Used - H
    Maryland Saddlery
    MYLER 5" Dee Ring Snaffle w/Hooks USED B
    MYLER 5.5" Full Cheek Snaffle w/Hooks USED B
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