Maryland Saddlery Consignment

Too much stuff? We have the perfect solution for the excess tack and equestrian gear filling up your tack room and closet.

Why consign with Maryland Saddlery?

Maryland Saddlery is the premier consignment store for equestrians across the country. We accept a wide range of quality riding apparel, tack, saddles, and accessories, and you earn store credit in return once your items sell! You can use your credit to shop for anything in our store, from tops, breeches and boots to saddle pads, girths and bridles (some are even new with tags). It's a win-win situation: you clear out your clutter and get something you need in return!

Consigning with Maryland Saddlery is easy and hassle-free. Just bring your items to one of our locations, fill out a simple form, and we take care of the rest. No appointment needed!

Consignment Terms & Conditions

Consignment FAQs

Visit any of our stores during our business hours to drop off your items. We'll inspect them, go over the consignment process, and help you fill out a simple form that you'll receive a copy of. View store hours, contact information, and more at our Locations page.

Nope! You can drop off items for consignment or buyout seven days a week, no appointment needed.

We accept a wide variety of children's and adult's schooling and show apparel, tack, equipment, blankets, and stable supplies.

Bring us your breeches, boots (tall boots must have zippers), riding shirts, show coats, belts, gloves, half chaps, protective vests, number holders, stock ties, helmet covers, spurs, crops, whips, garment bags and equestrian backpacks, saddle pads, protective boots, bell boots, saddles, bridles, breastplates, girths, half pads, lunging equipment, halters, lead ropes, chain shanks, quarter sheets, turnout blankets, stable blankets, leg bandages, mounting blocks, tack trunks, saddle racks, the list goes on!

Items must be safe, clean, and free from any stains or damage. Have questions about selling your items? Reach out to us, we're happy to chat!

We cannot accept helmets, wool or pinstripe show coats, tall boots without zippers, olive breeches, full chaps, non-equine brands, non-current styles, and out of season items. Certain items may not be accepted depending on current inventory. Tack or apparel with holes, stains, tears, damage, rust, or dry rot will not be accepted. Items must be clean.

Spring/Summer seasonal items include short sleeve shirts, tank tops, fly masks, sheets, and boots, muzzles. Fall/Winter items include winter vests/jackets, winter breeches/tights, medium-heavy turnout and stable blankets, winter gloves, foxhunting apparel, ear warmers, hats, scarves, fleece-lined riding boots,

We generally accept "Spring" items February - April, "Summer" items May - July, "Fall" items August - October, and "Winter" items November through January.

Depending on brand, condition, current inventory, and demand, your item(s) may be listed on our online sales channels.

For saddle sales, there is a 30% commission for payment by check. It decreases to 25% for payment by store credit.

For everything else, you receive 60% of the sale price for payment by credit.

We are currently offering cash/check payment for non-saddle items via buyout only. If you're interested in this option, give us a call for more details!

We have years of data we reference to determine the best starting price for each of your items. We account for type of item, brand, condition, age, style, current demand, and current retail price accounting for any discounting. We want to price your items so you earn as much as possible while still moving the item relatively quickly.

We are currently offering cash/check for up-front buyout of eligible items only. We are not currently offering consignment for those seeking cash/check payment for non-saddle items. You can still receive a check for saddle consignment.

We do not currently have a way to display your store credit online, but you can reach out to us via phone 410-771-4135 or email and we'd be happy to check your balance!

Yes, we'd be happy to transfer your credit to a digital gift card for use on Reach out to us at to start the process.

Saddles are consigned for 120 days, everything else is consigned for 90 days.

Items past their consignment period that are not picked up will be donated to one of our partner nonprofits. We work with local rescues, animal shelters, and therapeutic riding programs to put unsold items to good use.

Please note it is the sole responsibility of the consignor to keep track of the status of their items and request pickup at the end of the consignment contract.

Our system is not currently able to notify consignors every time an item sells. Consignors are welcome to reach out at any time during our business hours and we'd be more than happy to look into your account.

Please call 410-771-4135 or email us to discuss what you have. We'd love to see if we can help you!