Whether you live near or far...we want to sell your saddles, tack, equipment and riding apparel!



Clean up your tack and apparel, come for a visit and drop off your stuff or if you live too far away... we can give you a FREE shipping label or a FREE Consignor's Kit to use to send in your consignment.

Where do I start ?

  • Look through your tack and riding apparel for things in great condition you no longer use
  • Pick 5 or more items to send to consign
  • Scrub, clean, launder, shine or dry clean them all
  • Put what you have into your own box to ship to us or request a FREE  Consignor's Kit by clicking the Kit button below
  • If you are using your own box to ship it in - measure and weigh the box (write info in a piece of paper) and click the link below to get a FREE shipping label and consignor's contract
  • Click the link get a label button below to get your FREE mailing label and consignment form

It's as simple as the A-B-C-s

Accept - We accept for consignment...

  • English saddles, bridles, halters, bits, girths and other strap goods
  • Stable supplies and other horse equipment.
  • English riding clothing - new or lightly-used jackets, breeches, jodhpurs, show shirts, schooling attire, equestrian sportswear, half chaps and safety vests
  • Paddock boots, field and dress boots with zippers and barn boots

Brands - We accept for consignment...

  • Current english equestrian clothing brands including Ariat, RJ Classics, Essex, Kerrits, FITS and TS
  • Current english tack and saddle brands
  • All stable supplies and horse equipment brands

Condition - We accept for consignment - Items in GREAT condition...

  • Clothing, blankets and pads must be freshly laundered or dry cleaned
  • Tack and stable supplies must be safe and clean
  • Boots must be cleaned and shined

Seasonal consignment accepted...

  • Spring and Summer items beginning in February
  • Fall items beginning in August
  • Winter apparel and blankets September - January

We want to help you get the most revenue

selling your riding apparel and equipment

  • CLEAN YOUR TACK - clean tack sells for so more $$$
  • SCRUB YOUR BITS - clean bits sell for more $$$
  • LAUNDER YOUR APPAREL - clothing must be in good or better condition
  • CLEAN AND SHINE YOUR BOOTS - clean boots sell for more $$$
  • DRY CLEAN YOUR WOOL JACKETS - dry cleaned jackets sell for more $$$

At Maryland Saddlery you'll find a group of experienced staff committed to educating the community and providing the best service possible for our customers and consignors alike.

We are women-led, family-owned, and your satisfaction has been our top priority since 1989!