Oscar and Gabrielle Helite airbag safety technology jackets for horse riders

Oscar & Gabrielle

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    If you are looking for horse riding safety airbag jackets, vests and training tops that can be worn with Helite Airbag Technology, then this line by Freejump offers the protection you need!

    Oscar and Gabrielle Helite airbag safety technology jackets for horse riders

    The world-renowned brand of performance clothing based out of Bordeaux, France, has taken unique expertise in airbags safety to a whole new level with their revolutionary Helite airbag compatible line of jackets, vests & tops worn by riders.

    What is airbag technology for horse riding?

    Airbag technology is used for safety when riding horses. It is a special kind of vest or jacket with airbags inside. When you fall off the horse, the airbags will inflate to protect your neck and back and other important parts of your body. Oscar and Gabrielle make these jackets so that riders can be safe while looking stylish.

    Helite airbag vests compatible

    Working together with Helite, the world leader in airbag vests, they have developed their competition jacket to discreetly integrate an airbag into the lining. This provides riders with optimal safety on the field or in the arena.

    Protection for your neck, back and the vital organs in your body

    Old and young riders alike protect themselves from injury by wearing the latest innovations from Helite's line of horse rider vests with airbags.

    Oscar and Gabrielle Allow Riders to Be Safe with Elegance

    This innovative design provides riders with optimal protection in the field or in the arena with airbag vests that are discreetly integrated into the lining of your jacket, vest or other top options.

    Save on Safety with Oscar and Gabrielle Clothing at Maryland Saddlery

    Get great deals on protection from falls when you shop Oscar and Gabrielle overstock airbag compatible vests and jackets.

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