Fly Bye! Plus Shampoo


Brand Fly Bye!

Fly Bye! Plus Shampoo is formulated for a radiant shine that is sure to wow the crowd! Enhances your horse's natural beauty for deep cleaning, conditioning and finishing with a brilliant, non-slick shine. Fly Bye Shampoo will shield your horse against nature's most pesky insects! Contains moisturizing coconut and soothing Aloe. Also includes the proprietary Fly Bye! Plus formula as a key ingredient. Available in 32oz.

Product Details:

  • Moisturizes & conditions
  • Contains Fly Bye! Plus formula for ultimate protection against flies, mosquitoes and gnats
  • Luxurious shine
  • Deep cleans
  • Natural ingredients
  • Concentrated - Mix two capfuls with 2 gallons of water