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Trial, Shipping and Return Policy

Saddle Trial, Shipping
and Return Policy

  • All saddles are sold as-is with no warranty.
  • At the time of your order, you will be charged for the saddle, plus $75 for shipping and insurance.

Trial Policy - Saddles may be purchased and returned for the purpose of trying the saddle for fit. There is a 10% non refundable fee for trying and returning the saddles.

Length of trial is 3 days, not including date of delivery. Extensions of the trial period are available as needed by request.

  • Saddle must be shipped for return no later than the 3rd business day of the trial if being returned. (Exceptions can be made as long as we are contacted and agree on a day)
  • Saddle must be returned in same condition for refund.
  • Ship saddle for return insured with a signature requirement. Acceptable shipping methods are UPS, FedEx or DHL (Please do not use post office to ship saddle back)
  • Return Policy - All saddles that are returned will be refunded in full minus the 10% Trial Fee.
  • The shipping and insurance is non-refundable.
  • Refund for saddle will take place within 2 business days after saddle arrives safely and in the same condition back to Maryland Saddlery.

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